Thursday, July 23, 2009

New look for the upstairs hallway!

Here is where it all started!  I wanted to put something upstairs in the hallway and I didn't want to spend any money!  Seems impossible to most, but NOT to me!  Anyway, I went searching for things to use.  I came across this very old frame that held a pic of my flag corp from high school.  It was still wrapped up from my move to Georgia for COLLEGE!!!  It was time to find a new purpose for it!

It was the worst looking wood frame ever!  I'm sure I bought it from the dollar store many moons ago.

I actually didn't mind the gold crackle finish on the inside of the frame, so I taped it off before I spray painted it.

I printed a verse on scrapbook paper and taped it inside the frame.

A close up of where it's going to live for a little while.

The almost finished product.  I have to add something to the vase on the floor.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Price My Space Party at the Nesting Place

Today I am participating in The Nesters Price my Space Party!!! I thought this would be fun and I've never done anything like this before. I'm a totally new blogger and haven't done much on my blog in a few weeks. Well here goes...

I have decided to show my Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom.  It is still a work in progress!  I'm not wild about ALL the gold and neutral tones in these rooms, but I can't decide what to do with it.  Feel free to offer any suggestions, I'm totally open!

This is the view when you walk in from the hall.  My bed is our big splurge for sure!  We bought this bed before we had kids from Pottery Barn.  It was about $1200.  I can't believe I ever spent that on a BED!!!  The side table are also Pottery Barn, they were about $250 each.  The barn star I got from Real Deals and paid $25 for it.  The lamps are from Kirklands, both for $15.  My bedding is from Bed, Bath and Beyond, it was $99 for the bed in a bag!

Just another look at the bedding

We found this dresser in the clearance section of American Signature for $200.  The elephant wall art is from Bombay Company, I'm not sure exactly how much it was, probably $15 each.  On my dresser are pictures of the kids, my dad as a child and me as a child.  Also in the center is my very special jewelry box.  It's the box my husband wrapped up for me one year for Christmas... I opened it to find a ring box that read "will you marry me?"

This is the not so pretty side of my room!  This very ugly armoir was given to us for free when we moved in our house.  I just took the doors off last week to try to give it a new look, you can still see the doors leaning against it.  You can also see the paint colors I have next to the door, trying to make up my mind!

This is the glider and ottoman that were in all three of my children's rooms when they were babies.  I re-covered it with some chair covers that I found in the garage.  The chair was a gift to us when my daughter was born.  The slip cover cost was $10.  The table is just a simple wooden table for $10 and a cover.  The top cover is the blanket that went to the moses basket that my children used.  The pillows I already had and the small one, I recovered an old pillow with some left over fabric from the kitchen window treatments.

This is the sitting area.  You can see the window mistreatments in this picture.  I have 4 windows and a door to cover, so I had to get creative and CHEAP!  I used one gold silk panel from Target on the top, $15 and a tablecloth for the bottom, $10.

The decorations on my fireplace are just things I have found around the house.  The mirror was a find from TJ Max for $10, the candle holders are from Kirklands for $15 and the small flower arrangement is one of the decorations from our wedding reception.

This is my master bathroom.

This is a close up of my vanity.   The vase on far left is from Real Deals, it was $11, the picture frame holding my sweet baby is from Goodwill, it was $1.  The cross reads the serenity prayer, it was $4 from Hobby Lobby and the cute little lamp is from Hobby Lobby too, it was $7 (50% sale) woohoo!

This is the door going into my closet.  I had an extra tablecloth, so I thought it would soften the space.  It was $10.

Here is another window mistreatment!  One gold silk panel from Target for $15 and a gold sheer for $5.  I'm not sure where I bought the decoration in the corner of the tub, but the pics on the wall are from Kirklands, they were only $10 for all three. 

Here is my vanity, I've already priced the things on here in a previous picture.  All the rugs in my bathroom and my bedroom are from Real Deals and were pretty cheap, not sure exact prices.

I had to find something to put up here, it just looked so boring.  I went digging around in closets and found some flowers, a wooded medalian thingy and this vase that my husband picked out YEARS AGO.  The vase was $20 at Real Deals and he loved it!

Another shot of my husbands vanity and my mistreatments.

Not too bad considering that over half is my bed!