Sunday, September 27, 2009

Trim around my guest bathroom mirror!

Alright, I have seen so many bloggers do this project! I finally decided to stop looking at it and do my own. I chose to do the guest bathroom on the main level of our home, because it is the most used of all bathrooms. I see it so many times a day and I thought it really needed some dressing up. I recently painted this bathroom the dark brown (SW Hopsack) and I LOVE it! I bought two pieces of unfinished wood trim strips from HD. I painted them with Killz first then I did a glaze finish with RL Tobacco. To hang the trim pieces I used double sided velcro, it worked like a charm!

Here is the before picture of the bathroom mirror. Please don't mind the smudges!

This was my starting point, the corner.

Second, I added the bottom piece, pretty hard to mess that one up.

Third, I added the sides to form a giant U shape.

The final look! I really am happy with it! It has completely finished my bathroom! Thank you to all the bloggers out there who inspired me to do this!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New look for my dining room, FREE!!!

A few months ago I was looking on Craigslist and found a FREE hutch. It was the top of a little girls desk in it's previous life. Well, it was free and I was able to talk my husband into picking it up!!! Of course he thought I was nuts, but that's alright, it wasn't costing him any money, just time.

Here is the before picture of the hutch. It was the ugliest yellow color wood I have ever seen! However, it had great bones. Nice trim and nice bead board on the back, I was happy!

The first thing I did, which you can't see in this pic, I added decorative feet to the bottom. I cut out a notch on each corner of the front with a hand saw and screwed the new 6 inch legs in. Totally changes the look!
This is after I painted two coats of flat black paint and two coats of white primer on the inside. I had just started the antique tobacco glaze.
Close up of the tobacco glaze.
Almost done, just a little more.
This is the top, I'm painting it to match the bead board inside. I found that painting the glaze on with a sponge brush worked the best for this!
The finished product, with my free shutters from CL and some things I bought from Goodwill. I love the way it turned out in my dining room, it makes a HUGE difference! And, my husband is happy too, woohoo, HOME RUN!!!