Saturday, June 6, 2009

My first mistreated windows

This was so much fun.  This is my kitchen window and back door.  I had the worst curtains hanging in there for years, because I had them from our last home and I thought it was better than nothing.  Well looking back, I’m not sure that it was better than nothing, because they were UGLY!!  Anyway, I only had a little time and an even smaller amount of money to spend.  So I loaded all three kids up and went to Walmart.  I saw these curtains that I really liked, so I bought just one panel for 14.99.  I cut it and used it over my sink and on my back door.  I still had enough left over to revamp my other windows in the breakfast room!  More on those mistreatments coming later.  All of this was done with the help of my hot glue gun for the nice hem and upholstery tacks to hang.  So easy and super cheap!!!

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