Thursday, July 23, 2009

New look for the upstairs hallway!

Here is where it all started!  I wanted to put something upstairs in the hallway and I didn't want to spend any money!  Seems impossible to most, but NOT to me!  Anyway, I went searching for things to use.  I came across this very old frame that held a pic of my flag corp from high school.  It was still wrapped up from my move to Georgia for COLLEGE!!!  It was time to find a new purpose for it!

It was the worst looking wood frame ever!  I'm sure I bought it from the dollar store many moons ago.

I actually didn't mind the gold crackle finish on the inside of the frame, so I taped it off before I spray painted it.

I printed a verse on scrapbook paper and taped it inside the frame.

A close up of where it's going to live for a little while.

The almost finished product.  I have to add something to the vase on the floor.

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