Thursday, September 24, 2009

New look for my dining room, FREE!!!

A few months ago I was looking on Craigslist and found a FREE hutch. It was the top of a little girls desk in it's previous life. Well, it was free and I was able to talk my husband into picking it up!!! Of course he thought I was nuts, but that's alright, it wasn't costing him any money, just time.

Here is the before picture of the hutch. It was the ugliest yellow color wood I have ever seen! However, it had great bones. Nice trim and nice bead board on the back, I was happy!

The first thing I did, which you can't see in this pic, I added decorative feet to the bottom. I cut out a notch on each corner of the front with a hand saw and screwed the new 6 inch legs in. Totally changes the look!
This is after I painted two coats of flat black paint and two coats of white primer on the inside. I had just started the antique tobacco glaze.
Close up of the tobacco glaze.
Almost done, just a little more.
This is the top, I'm painting it to match the bead board inside. I found that painting the glaze on with a sponge brush worked the best for this!
The finished product, with my free shutters from CL and some things I bought from Goodwill. I love the way it turned out in my dining room, it makes a HUGE difference! And, my husband is happy too, woohoo, HOME RUN!!!


  1. Very nice! I'm in love with black painted furniture right now... and I love the idea to put the little feet on the front! Makes it look much more intentional. Great job!

  2. Came over from Kimba's--that looks great! And I love how you decorated it with the shutters and star. Good job!

  3. Love this... too cute! We are in love with glaze too... use it on almost everything:) Great job!!

  4. It looks terrific! I love repurposed furniture. Great Job! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. This is amazing! I love it-you said I had a great eye for decorating? I never would have thought of doing this-it's awesome. And I see we have the same love of giant stars-right now I've got three living in my family room!